Some General links

  • Matlab home page
  • Matlab tutorials
  • Some Matlab Cheat Sheets: (from MIT)   (from
  • Unix instructions, with examples of running Matlab on unix, including on the Guelph Stats server.

    Converting Gauss data files into Matlab

  • To convert all Gauss data (.dat) files in the current directory to Matlab (.mat) files using Stat/Transfer :

    st "*.dat" "*.mat" -y -o

  • Note that Gauss .fmt files need to be converted to Gauss .dat files in Gauss before being converted to Matlab .mat files using Stat/Transfer. An example of the Gauss code that does this is:

    load x=filename.FMT;
    dataset = "filename";
    y = saved(x,dataset,0); y;

    Parallel processing with Matlab

    Miscellaneous Matlab Commands

  • set: lists the output names of a Matlab object. "set (object_name)" will list the outputs associated with the object NOO. These outputs will have a name of the form object_name.object_name where output_name is found using the set command.
  • keyboard: A useful to debug. It pauses the program at this point and allows you to type in commands. To restart the program, type the command "return" (and hit return) in the workspace.